by André Borges



"Saxcretino is a 1.2m-long hose with a saxophone mouthpiece at one end and the upper portion of a PET bottle in the other. Saxcretino is also my nickname, my way of playing the saxophone and the title of the EP. Without commitment to technical perfection, aesthetic purity or specific sound, the 5 tracks express the combination of unconventional instruments and traditional instruments of Western music in a popular language with unusual rhythmic cells. The microtonal instruments used in the recording were made by me with material found in the trash and are inspired by the non-noble instruments de-composer Anton Walter Smetak." (André Borges)


released August 18, 2016

Saxophonist, microtonalist, performer and sound artist - Since 1992, creating microtonal instruments and performing in collaboration with Theatre, Dance and Circus Companies, Video works and Music groups in Brazil and abroad. Living in the U.K since 2004, Andre graduated in Music and Visual Arts at Brighton University in 2011, engaging in solo performances exploring internal body sounds combined with Arduino technology since then. Now, the artist is releasing his first solo work to the music industry – the EP “saxcretino” through brazilian label Sê-Lo!.

Saxcretino was designed and conducted between April and May 2016, excerpts except "Coming back in 5" and "1Ziriguid1", which were started in May 2015. The songs were composed, arranged and produced by me. The mixing and mastering were done at the Hidden-Cam studios (Brighton & Hove - United Kingdom) with the help of Cameron Devlin (technical) during the first week of June and finalized on August 2, 2016.

Features : Nancy Viégas (vocals on "1Ziriguid1) and Fernando Machado playing guitar in "Samba de Vento.

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Saxofonista, microtonalista, performer e artista sonoro, André Borges vem trabalhado em colaboração com teatro, dança, circo, vídeo e grupos musicais no Brasil e no exterior desde 2000. Andre foi um dos músicos fundadores da Banda Crac!, também fazendo parte de outras bandas do cenário alternativo soteropolitano como a Treblinka, no inicio dos anos 90 e a Zambotronic, no inicio dos anos 2.000.

André formou-se em Música e Artes Visuais pela Universidade de Brighton em 2011. Desde então, passou a se dedicar mais a apresentações solo, explorando os sons internos do corpo humano combinados com programações de Arduino. Esta é a primeira vez em que o artista estará lançando um trabalho fonográfico solo - o EP "saxcretino" pelo netlabel brasileiro Sê-lo!.

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Sê-lo! Salvador, Brazil

"Sê-lo! is a record label based in Bahia, Brazil.
Releases digital and physical works by innovative, daring artists who take a radical approach to creating sonic/music languages."

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Track Name: Da Loja pro Lixo
From shop to trash
Gotta produce, gotta consume
No need to use, just gotta acquire
From shop to trash
From trash to sea
Gotta produce, gotta consume
No need to use, just gotta acquire
Just gotta acquire
From shop to trash
One to go, two to come
Never happy with what you got
And every day dreams go
Down the drain without reason
Near the foot of Cardinal
I met Beatriz
She told me she’d bought
All the little Christmas gifts
I told her, sweetheart,
I don’t know why you’re happy
Before Carnaval ends
All the shit is in the bin
From shop to trash
From trash to sea
From shop to trash
Stuffing Yemanjá’s home

Track Name: 1Ziriguid1
Whoa, mom, the sun will rise
Who can’t stand it?
Play the zabumba, man!
A ziriguidum, a talacotaco, a porogodó
It echoes from the hollow – what?
Kinectics of the body – what?
From the lysosome
Pulsing! Pulsing! Pulsing!
Show us the horn, man!
Who? Me?
In a porogodó
I’m in a ziriguidum, a talacotaco a porogodó
Whoa, mom, the sun will rise
Who can’t stand it?
Track Name: Sofá e TV
The indian doubles as a tramp
Black doubles as a thief
From the tourist in the favela,
Hitting cooking pots in mansions
The pastor congressman laundering millions
Indian, fagot, black and poor
Only seen as subversion
Trivialized, broken
Sofa and TV from the cradle
Shaping your cowardice
Successful businessman
Do not queue for the breadline
Trivialized, broken
Equality and freedom only in the constitution
Successful businessman do not queue for the breadline
Falsified document, CPF, birth certificate
Security, driver, guard dog with depression
Gives allowance to a judge, gives banana to the lion
Sofa and TV from the cradle
Shaping your cowardice
Trivialized, broken
Trivialized, trivialized

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